Ritar Lead Carbon Battery 12V 200Ah 200Amp Solar Energy Batteries

Ritar Lead Carbon Battery 12V 200Ah 200Amp Solar Energy Batteries

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What is Lead Carbon battery? 


Lead-carbon battery is a new type of super battery, which is a combination of lead-acid battery and super capacitor: it not only takes advantage of the advantages of instantaneous large-capacity charging of super capacitors, but also takes advantage of the specific energy of lead-acid batteries, and has a very Good charging and discharging performance - it can be fully charged in 90 minutes (if the lead-acid battery is charged and discharged in this way, the life span is less than 30 times). Moreover, due to the addition of carbon (graphene), the sulfation of the negative electrode is prevented, which improves a factor of battery failure in the past and prolongs the battery life.

Lead-carbon Technology Battery


Lead-carbon batteries are made by mixing high specific surface carbon materials (such as activated carbon, activated carbon fiber, carbon aerogel or carbon nanotubes, etc.)

Dispersion, improve the utilization rate of lead active materials, and can inhibit the growth of lead sulfate crystals. The principle is similar to that of a super battery, which is another type of super battery. Adding carbon materials to the negative plate takes advantage of the instantaneous large-capacity charging of the supercapacitor, and acts as a buffer during high-rate charge/discharge, effectively protecting the negative plate and inhibiting the "sulfation" phenomenon.Lead-carbon battery is a mixture of asymmetric supercapacitor and lead-acid battery in parallel connection. As a new type of super battery, lead-carbon battery is the fusion of lead-acid battery and supercapacitor technology. A dual-function energy storage battery having both capacitive and battery properties. Therefore, it not only takes advantage of the advantages of supercapacitor instantaneous power large-capacity charging, but also takes advantage of the energy advantages of lead-acid batteries, and can be fully charged in one hour. Has very good charge and discharge performance.

Lead Carbon Battery Applications:


Due to the use of lead-carbon technology, the performance of lead-carbon batteries is far superior to traditional lead-acid batteries, and can be used in new energy vehicles, such as: hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles, etc.; it can also be used in the field of new energy storage, Such as wind power generation and energy storage. Lead-carbon batteries have a low price advantage similar to traditional lead-acid batteries and a mature industrial manufacturing base, and have strong competitive advantages in various application fields.

This hybrid technology is able to quickly export and import charge during vehicle acceleration and braking, and is especially suitable for the "stop-start" system of micro-hybrid vehicles. Lead-carbon batteries can improve the power of the original lead-acid batteries and prolong their service life

Technical advantages of lead-carbon battery:
Lead-carbon battery is an innovative technology of lead-acid battery, which has many advantages over lead-acid battery. Lead-carbon batteries have the following advantages: first, fast charging, which increases the charging speed by 8 times; second, the discharge power is increased by 3 times; The price of acid batteries has increased, but the cycle life has been greatly improved; fifth, it is safe and stable to use, and can be widely used in various new energy and energy-saving fields. [7] In addition, the lead-carbon battery also takes advantage of the specific energy of the lead-acid battery, and has a very good charge and discharge performance - it can be fully charged in 90 minutes (if the lead-acid battery is charged and discharged in this way, the life span is less than 30 Second-rate). Moreover, due to the addition of carbon (graphene), the sulfation of the negative electrode is prevented, which improves a factor of battery failure.
1. The positive and negative lead paste adopts a unique formula and an optimized curing process. The positive electrode active material has strong anti-softening ability, good deep cycle life, and high utilization rate of active material; the negative electrode lead paste has strong anti-sulfurization ability, low capacity decay rate, and good low-temperature start-up performance.
2. The positive electrode grid adopts a new type of special alloy and a reasonable structural design, with good corrosion resistance, reasonable current distribution, close combination with active materials, high current performance and strong charging acceptance.
3. Using new electrolyte additives, the hydrogen evolution and oxygen evolution overpotential of the battery are high, and the battery is not easy to lose water.
4. When the battery is working under frequent instantaneous high-current charge and discharge, the carbon material with capacitive characteristics mainly releases or receives current, which inhibits the "negative sulfation" of the lead-acid battery and effectively prolongs the service life of the battery;
5. When the battery is working with low current for a long time, it mainly works with the sponge lead negative electrode to continuously provide energy;
6. The high carbon content of the lead-carbon super composite electrode makes the electrode have better low-temperature start-up ability, charge acceptance ability and high-current charge-discharge performance than traditional lead-acid batteries.
In terms of performance, lead-carbon batteries have the characteristics of both lead-acid batteries and capacitors. The addition of activated carbon improves the power density of the battery and prolongs the cycle life. At the same time, because the activated carbon occupies part of the electrode space, the energy density decreases and the gas evolution of the electrode may also be increased. In terms of technology, the addition of activated carbon increases the difficulty of slurry preparation and pole piece coating. Generally speaking, the performance of lead-carbon battery is better than that of ordinary lead-acid battery. It is an advanced lead-acid battery and the mainstream direction of lead-acid battery technology development.


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